i just need more friends so more people can reblog my selfies

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“ this didn’t happen in the books


calcium more like coolcium haha drink ur milk kids

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dear everyone i’m sorry for being a piece of shit


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How to keep a relationship.


Communicate: Talk about things, the good and bad. Build trusts. Be honest. Be faithful. Be there for one another. Make time for one another. Leave the past to the past, which include ex’s. Know that having arguments are normal. Know that you won’t always be happy. Don’t expect change. Appreciate the flaws. Appreciate each other. Become best friends. Lastly, love each other unconditionally.


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why doesn’t anywhere sell normal clothes for women? like i want a plain black fuckin sweater not a mohair cross stitch embroidered cropped asymmetrical slouch longline short sleeved drop hem thing with a hole in the back 

can i get an amen

Sorry, we only stock the Amen in size XXS.

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